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“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge, to guide the Spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the universe.”
-Rudolf Steiner

What is Anthroposophy?

Anthroposophy is hard to categorise –  it is alive.

Rudolf Steiner, who gave it this name, said if he could he would give it a different name every day.

It is possibly best to describe what people involved in Anthroposophy have done and why they have done it in order to understand its uniqueness.

The object of Steiner’s science of the spiritual is in essence man himself because everything in the universe can be found represented in the human being. Hence Anthroposophy, from the Greek Anthroposophia – the knowledge of the nature of the human being. The human here seen in his fullness, as a thinking, feeling and willing entity, not as any of these faculties in isolation. And human consisting not only of body and soul – which is generally accepted – but also of spirit, out of which his aspiration to work on his and mankind’s further evolution is ignited.

The list of fields where Anthroposophy becomes visible and can be experienced is long, impressive and still growing.

Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner, 1861 – 1925

Here in Australia, the first Steiner school in Australia was founded in Sydney in the 1950s. Now there are more than 45 schools. Australia has a strong section of Biodynamic Agriculture, the products of which are sometimes better known under the brand name of Demeter.

Anthroposophy is a growing and living being because at its centre are humans who carry it and apply it and expand it based on their own experiences.  

When you join the Anthroposophical Society, you agree to pay a yearly contribution to support the work of Anthroposophy both in Australia and in Dornach (near Basel, Switzerland). You can apply after about two years to become a member of the School of Spiritual Science if you wish to take up more responsibility for Anthroposophy in your own life. Otherwise you can join any of the groups, courses, workshops, lectures and artistic events – or better still you can help with organising them yourself. Being active is part of being an Anthroposophist. And if you like a quiet time, over 300 books by Rudolf Steiner have been published, many of them available in English translation. Other Anthroposophical authors have contributed thousands of books in every imaginable field of human experience.

The Anthroposophical Society is active in 78 countries of the world, but its centre is Dornach. Here in Australia we have branches all over the country.

You can contact a local group or the management group of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia to find out more.

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