Contacts for the Anthroposophical Society in Australia:

General Secretary

Jan Baker-Finch


Outgoing: Peter Schirrmeister

Incoming: Zsofia Kennedy

Other Anthroposophical Society in Australia Management Group members

Paul Martin

Cristina Rubsamen

Ron Vaisey

Joan Weir

Membership Registrar

Graham Long

Guest Journal Editor and Website Coordination

Clare Coburn

School of Spiritual Science Coordinator

Marilyn Lewis
02 6288 1495

Anthroposophical Society in Australia postal address

C/- 11 Gramere Avenue
Ashgrove Qld 4060

Canberra Branch Contact Details:

Branch Co-ordinator:

Marilyn Lewis
Ph. 02 6288 1495
Enquiries for new members and the School of Spiritual Science
Email: marilyn dot lewis at gmail dot com

Branch Committee:

Elaine Goodman
Yasushi Hayashi
Vivien Hillman
Trevor Lewis


Email:  paulbrisbane at comcen dot com dot au

NSW Branch:

Address for Correspondence:

307 Sussex Street

State Secretary:

Ron Vaisey
02 92645169

School of Spiritual Science contact:

Norma Blackwood
02 9417 6046

Queensland Branch:

The Brisbane Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia is a small group – however our number is growing.  The Branch meet regularly (bi-monthly at the moment on the last Saturday of the month) to participate in talks, presentations and/or artistic activities.  Our meetings are open to everybody who has interest in Anthroposophy.  There is a long standing study group that meets each month (last Sundays), and we have a number of other things in the process of becoming.

Please contact us if you are interested of have any questions.

Address membership and general enquiries to the Branch Secretary:

Monique Davies
Click this link to email me

South Australia Branch:

Address for Correspondence:

96 Halifax Street

Society Rooms:

96 Halifax Street

Sydney Branch / St John’s Group:

rudolf-steiner-house-anthroposophical-society-sydney-bookstoreRudolf Steiner House:

307 Sussex St
Sydney, 2000
Phone: 02 9264 5169

Committee Members:

General Information

Rudolf Steiner Book Centre

Lectures and Events

Study Groups:

  • SARDELLO Study Group
  • Self Development & Meditation Groups using the book

For information about activities held in Sydney, see the events calendar and lectures.

Tasmania Branch

Address for Correspondence:

177 Waterworks Road
Dynnyrne TAS 7004

State Secretary:

Jane Bradshaw
0438 442 906

School of Spiritual Science contact:

Connie Nanscawen
0439 984 505

Eurythmia and Astronomia contact:

0466 549 894

Victoria Branch

Members of the Victorian Branch Committee

  • Branch Secretary David Morgan
    0401 999 402
  • Treasurer and Public Officer Andy Mardes 03 9518 3788 (work)
  • Hassan Ahmed (absent until late 2016)
  • Pauline David 1468 845 079
  • Pam Martin 03 9723 1675
  • Brendan Rayson 0402 692 731
  • Maria J Garrido 0423 274 936

Email Address for Vic Branch:

Editors for VIC NEWS and Calendar of Events (CoE)

  • David Morgan, Maria J Garrido

Please send Articles, Events, Initiatives, Listings to :

Closing Deadlines: SPRING 1st August, SUMMER 1st November, AUTUMN 1st February, WINTER 1st May

CoE advertising fees (framed or boxed)

  • Brief line listings under Directory, Schools, Groups are free
  • Small box – $5 per issue or $15 for 4 issues
  • ‘Half’ page -$10 per issue or $35 for 4 issues
  • ‘Full’ page – $15 per issue or $50 for 4 issues
  • Formatting of unfinished artwork & advertising: $25
  • Artwork & advertising: we prefer PDF files and recommend minimum 13pt font.
  • Payment is required when submitting advertisements;
    By bank deposit: Bank Mecu BSB 313-140 Acct. No. 12051301 identification: [your name]
    Cheque, money order: [payee: Anthroposophical Society, Vic torian Branch]
    Post to: The Treasurer, PO Box 2606 Ringwood North VIC 3134

VIC NEWS costs:
– non-members for;
Email edition: $10 pa       (B&W) Postal: $20 pa
– members with email;
Email edition: [included] (B&W) Postal: $10 pa

Renew before 30 November (Summer edition). Payment details:(as above)

IMPORTANT: email your name and postal address to:

Western Australia Branch

State Secretary


Committee members

The Christian Community in Australia (WA)

  • Maggie White 9335 9570

Counsellor/ Philophonetics Practitioner

  • Susan Morrison 9795 5048

Creativity Consultants Worldwide

Textile and Fibre Artist

  • Anne Williams 9293 1931


  • Kristina Hamilton 9335 9761

Extra Lesson

  • Gillian Baker 9414 7723

Golden Hills Steiner School

  • Denmark office 9848 1811

Perth Waldorf School

  • Bursar 9417 3638

Rudolf Steiner College

School of Integral Art

  • Horst and Jennifer Kornberger 9331 1880

School of Spiritual Science

  • Kristina Hamilton 9335 9761
  • Adrian May 9759 1287?
  • Philip Quenby 0417 178100


Silver Tree Steiner School

  • Facilitator 9295 4787

Social Ecology- Individual /Team /Organisational Development

  • Catlyne Hos 0411 811 253

The Writing Connection

West Coast Steiner School

  • Office 9440 1771

Yallingup Steiner School

  • 97552230

Contact for website

Please address website related queries to this email address: