Contacts for the Anthroposophical Society in Australia:

General Secretary:

Jan Baker-Finch


Ron Vaisey


Peter Schirrmeister

Membership Registrar:

Graham Long

Journal Editors:

Anne Tillett

Margaret Bruvel

School of Spiritual Science Co-ordinator:

Marilyn Lewis
02 6288 1495

Canberra Branch Contact Details:

Branch Co-ordinator:

Marilyn Lewis
Ph. 02 6288 1495
Enquiries for new members and the School of Spiritual Science
Email: marilyn dot lewis at gmail dot com

Branch Committee:

Elaine Goodman
Yasushi Hayashi
Vivien Hillman
Trevor Lewis


Email:  paulbrisbane at comcen dot com dot au

NSW Branch:

Address for Correspondence:

307 Sussex Street

State Secretary:

Ron Vaisey
02 92645169

School of Spiritual Science contact:

Norma Blackwood
02 9417 6046

Queensland Branch:

The Brisbane Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia is a small group – however our number is growing.  The Branch meet regularly (bi-monthly at the moment on the last Saturday of the month) to participate in talks, presentations and/or artistic activities.  Our meetings are open to everybody who has interest in Anthroposophy.  There is a long standing study group that meets each month (last Sundays), and we have a number of other things in the process of becoming.

Please contact us if you are interested of have any questions.

Address membership and general enquiries to the Branch Secretary:

Monique Davies
Click this link to email me

South Australia Branch:

Address for Correspondence:

96 Halifax Street

Society Rooms:

96 Halifax Street

Sydney Branch / St John’s Group:

rudolf-steiner-house-anthroposophical-society-sydney-bookstoreRudolf Steiner House:

307 Sussex St
Sydney, 2000
Phone: 02 9264 5169

Committee Members:

General Information

Rudolf Steiner Book Centre

Lectures and Events

Study Groups:

  • SARDELLO Study Group
  • Self Development & Meditation Groups using the book

For information about activities held in Sydney, see the events calendar and lectures.

Tasmania Branch

Address for Correspondence:

177 Waterworks Road
Dynnyrne TAS 7004

State Secretary:

Jane Bradshaw
0438 442 906

School of Spiritual Science contact:

Connie Nanscawen
0439 984 505

Eurythmia and Astronomia contact:

0466 549 894

Victoria Branch

Members of the Victorian Branch Committee

  • Branch Secretary David Morgan
    0401 999 402
  • Treasurer and Public Officer Andy Mardes 03 9518 3788 (work)
  • Hassan Ahmed (absent until late 2016)
  • Pauline David 1468 845 079
  • Pam Martin 03 9723 1675
  • Brendan Rayson 0402 692 731
  • Maria J Garrido 0423 274 936

Email Address for Vic Branch:

Editors for VIC NEWS and Calendar of Events (CoE)

  • David Morgan, Maria J Garrido

Please send Articles, Events, Initiatives, Listings to :

Closing Deadlines: SPRING 1st August, SUMMER 1st November, AUTUMN 1st February, WINTER 1st May

CoE advertising fees (framed or boxed)

  • Brief line listings under Directory, Schools, Groups are free
  • Small box – $5 per issue or $15 for 4 issues
  • ‘Half’ page -$10 per issue or $35 for 4 issues
  • ‘Full’ page – $15 per issue or $50 for 4 issues
  • Formatting of unfinished artwork & advertising: $25
  • Artwork & advertising: we prefer PDF files and recommend minimum 13pt font.
  • Payment is required when submitting advertisements;
    By bank deposit: Bank Mecu BSB 313-140 Acct. No. 12051301 identification: [your name]
    Cheque, money order: [payee: Anthroposophical Society, Vic torian Branch]
    Post to: The Treasurer, PO Box 2606 Ringwood North VIC 3134

VIC NEWS costs:
– non-members for;
Email edition: $10 pa       (B&W) Postal: $20 pa
– members with email;
Email edition: [included] (B&W) Postal: $10 pa

Renew before 30 November (Summer edition). Payment details:(as above)

IMPORTANT: email your name and postal address to:

Western Australia Branch

State Secretary


Committee members

The Christian Community in Australia (WA)

  • Maggie White 9335 9570

Counsellor/ Philophonetics Practitioner

  • Susan Morrison 9795 5048

Creativity Consultants Worldwide

Textile and Fibre Artist

  • Anne Williams 9293 1931


  • Kristina Hamilton 9335 9761

Extra Lesson

  • Gillian Baker 9414 7723

Golden Hills Steiner School

  • Denmark office 9848 1811

Perth Waldorf School

  • Bursar 9417 3638

Rudolf Steiner College

School of Integral Art

  • Horst and Jennifer Kornberger 9331 1880

School of Spiritual Science

  • Kristina Hamilton 9335 9761
  • Adrian May 9759 1287?
  • Philip Quenby 0417 178100


Silver Tree Steiner School

  • Facilitator 9295 4787

Social Ecology- Individual /Team /Organisational Development

  • Catlyne Hos 0411 811 253

The Writing Connection

West Coast Steiner School

  • Office 9440 1771

Yallingup Steiner School

  • 97552230

Contact for website

Please address website related queries to this email address: